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Libra Season - Collective Reading


Grief is real. It’s arduous. It’s non-linear.

It’s okay to have tears. And equally it’s okay to smile.

What feelings are you feeling these days? And how are you at letting yourself feel those feelings?

Try to rid yourself of the judgements you might be imposing on yourself for simply being human being.

The human experience is messy, and ugly, and at times unpleasant. But it’s only made further-more when we judge ourselves for the way that experience is naturally playing out in our lives, our bodies, and our minds.

Life is messy enough right now. You don’t need to add to the weight by criticizing yourself, or nitpicking at your inner (or outward) experience of it all.

Look for all the polarizing experiences that are here for you. There is sorrow, there is joy. And they can mutually exist, together, at the same time. Make sure you’re not for-going one for the other, and instead hold them in tandem to the best of your ability.

Give yourself permission to be human.



Get on the social train! Do the things. Say YES. Have fun. ENJOY YOURSELF.

Even on those days where you don’t think you’re up for a hang or a get together, for the next few weeks - mute the voice that says no, and say yes to all of it.

Get yourself an outfit or something that makes you feel a little extra shiny - show off and have a good time.

Plan some events, gatherings, or hangouts. Call in your buddies for some likeminded and light (or deep) chats.

Whatever fun means to you, lean into it and get after it!

Connection. Friendship. Joy. Fun. Socializing. Dress up. Glamour. Beauty.

Get down with your bad self.

You have full permission to use the next few weeks just to have a damn good time.



Been through a lot the last year (or more) have we? Yes, well. Congratulations! Because despite how much of a shit kicking I’m sure you’ve received, you are stepping into some brighter moments (yaaay!).

Alright so here’s what you need to know to fully let in all the wonderful things that are ready for you.

When we walk through garbage, we sometimes acclimatize so well to the environment that we adjust our standards to the point where garbage feels comfortable. So when the garbage goes away… we willingly (ableit not knowingly) run right back into it. (‘Cause whatever, it’s super comfy and maybe Oscar knew what was up.)

SO if you want to really let the light in. You are going to have to experience a little discomfort. A little uncertainty. A little vulnerability.

I promise it’s NOT A BAD THING. It will be a truly WONDERFUL AMAZING THING. But you have to let go of some comfort in order to really enjoy the WONDERFUL AMAZING THINGS.

Please don’t let those amazing things pass you by because you are more (subconsciously) focused on comfort.

This means, that you might say YES to somethings that you want to say no to. This might mean that you expose something that feels a little shaky. It might mean putting something out there, putting yourself out there, before you feel like it’s perfect or fully ready.

You can do it!! Call up your best hype-friend and let them give you a pep talk.

GOOD THINGS WANT YOU. Make sure you let them know that you want them too.


Thank you for being here. I appreciate you!

Happy October. Blessed Samhain. I hope you have a spectacular spooky season. xo

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