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I am a passionate do-er of many things and I’ve managed to turn it all into a strange, eclectic resume. It’s like I have Mary Poppins’ infinite carpet-bag and just keep pulling out jobs and career paths. 

I’ve spent nearly 15 years pursuing a career in music (you can give youtube or google a quick search if you're really keen). And while I fervently pursued my music career, I also day-lighted as a practicing yoga instructor with my 500 E-RYT certification. I have facilitated several teacher trainings, workshops, and a number of continuing education series'.

Somewhere along the way I began writing blogs and columns to air out the excess clutter of my mind (spent several years published in The Western Wheel). I'm currently trying to talk myself into writing a book - despite being daunted by the task.


In my writing, I tend to explore a variety of themes – most often revolving around deriving purpose and meaning from life and experiences. I also love humour, magic, and anything that makes your brain break in wonder and awe.

I’ve been reading tarot for about 8 years and in that time I have also studied astrology, the Akashic Records, reiki, mediumship, body talk, witchcraft, and a sprinkling of many other things. I spent the majority of those 8 years buried so deep in the broom closet that I nearly emerged a cartographer of Narnia. But I eventually mustered up my brave, and now I'm well on my way to becoming the grand marshal of the spiritual-pride parade.

I love teaching. I love learning. And I love sharing the things that I've learned. More recently, I've found myself in business consulting. Despite having a creative mind - I am also extremely organized. I can understand the chaos of the intuitive, creator's brain, while also being able to find tools to focus that energy into a productive outcome. 

I incorporate intuitive guidance with tangible, pragmatic steps to move your business and goals forward in a real way. I am so invested in your growth and results - it lights me up to see you succeed. It's another log on my infinite fire.

I can sleep when I'm dead so here's some other stuff I do as well: I am the co-host of a podcast called Mystics & Broomsticks that I host with one of the most wonderful women I know: Melanie Dawn. I’m a mediocre mother to two beautiful, tiny, squishy persons, and an annoying but wonderful wifey to my best bud. I'm an advocate for normalizing mental health struggles and experiences; I love to hike, over-analyze, watch true crime docs, and eat popcorn.

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