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Well now, where should we start? I am a passionate do-er of many things and I’ve managed to turn it all into a strange, eclectic resume. It’s like I have Mary Poppins’ infinite carpet-bag and just keep pulling out jobs and career paths. 

I’ve spent well over a decade pursuing a career in music (you can give youtube or google a quick search if you're really keen). And while I fervently pursued my music career, I also day-lighted as a practicing yoga instructor with my 500 E-RYT certification. I have facilitated several teacher trainings, workshops, and a number of continuing education series.

Somewhere along the way I began writing blogs and columns to air out the excess clutter of my mind – and now I’m slowly embarking on the journey of writing books as well. In my writing, I tend to explore a variety of themes – most often revolving around deriving purpose and meaning from life and experiences. I also love humour, magic, and anything that makes your brain break in wonder and awe.

I’ve been reading tarot for about 8 years and in that time I have also studied astrology, the Akashic Records, reiki, mediumship, body talk, witchcraft, and a sprinkling of many other things. I spent the majority of those 8 years buried so deep in the broom closet that I nearly emerged a cartographer of Narnia. But I eventually mustered up my brave, and now I'm well on my way to becoming the grand marshal of the spiritual-pride parade.

It was my experience with tarot and learning to read it that inspired me to finally come out of the broom closet.

I spent an obscene amount of time (like, an embarrassingly, large, incredible, way-too-much-amount of time) memorizing, studying, and researching tarot - and eventually I figured out that I didn't really have to do that in order to have an effective and accurate reading (totally not to say that all that study doesn't hold value - don't come at me).

I wanted to help others that felt drawn to tarot - but spare them the countless (and unnecessary) hours of obsessive study and intense hyper-focus. I started offering workshops and courses - designed to make the process of experiencing and learning the tarot approachable, fun, and intuitive. And to share the concept that you don’t need to memorize in order to read tarot effectively.

I've since created more workshops -  how to develop and deepen your connection with  your intuition, how to explore and navigate shadow work; and I'm developing more as I continue to unravel more and more things that feel relevant, magickal, and fun.
Feel welcome to join The Wednesday Night Witches Society if you'd like to get an opportunity to dive into a little bit of witchery.


I think I'll spend a lifetime exploring who I am, and following the myriad of passions that reveal themselves as I continue through this life. But to keep the rest of it brief - I am the co-host of a podcast called The Spiritual Boss that I host with one of the most wonderful women I know: Melanie Dawn. I’m a mediocre mother to two beautiful, tiny, squishy persons, and an annoying but wonderful wifey to my best bud. I'm an advocate for normalizing mental-health struggles and experiences; I love to hike, over-analyze, eat popcorn, and laugh.

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