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Aquarius Season - Collective Reading

Updated: Jan 25


Holy man. Do you ever sleep?

Look, I know you've got a lot on your plate - but you're burning the candle at both ends here and it's going to catch up with you if it hasn't already.

I know that you pride yourself on getting shit done. And I love that for you. But respectfully, please sit down. Like, grab a tea and a blanket. Chill out.

Any reason that comes to mind about why you can't do that... let's sit with that. Examine that. Obviously you can't forgo the mortgage and we've got our worldly things we need to take care of. But how much of it are you using as a distraction? How much of it is just business for the sake of being busy?

Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Or whatever that phrase is.

As mother T Swift would say: You need to calm down.

Go take a nap.



I like being at home - do you? It's just the best place to be. There's something about home that just feels restorative. Even if it's got its flaws and little bits of chaos... there's nothing like it.

If you want to be at home right now - you should be at home. If you've been wanting to invest into some home improvements... or maybe you've been wanting to work from home... or maybe you need to make sure you feel like you really have a home somewhere. Get your nesting vibe rolling and make it happen.

This can sort of express itself in a variety of ways - but all signs are pointing to you directing your energy home.

Buy a home, make a home, invest in home, go home, miss home. All I'm hearing is HOME.



Okay, hang on a second here. We've got a situation - and this could go really, really great for you. But we need to make a few little adjustments so it doesn't blow up in your face.

Alright. The ambition is present. Lots of that. The spirit, the desire, the passion - check, check, and check.

You might need to slow yourself down a beat. The timing is off and I don't want this thing to set out before it's ready! Make sure you've made some phone calls, you've communicated thoroughly - i's are dotted, t's are crossed. Check the details - and can you also check the path ahead?

What does this game plan look like in a wider picture?

I know that you might think it's already going too slow - but when I say slow down... it's because there are other factors that have not yet had time to align themselves to feed into your success. Remember that you are in constant collaboration... with the universe, with other people. No matter how efficient or excited or ready you are, sometimes you're still going to have to wait for someone or something else.

Timing is a real thing. Feel into it. Don't be in a rush because you want to push your own personal goals, timeline and agenda.

I promise you. This will not work better because it worked faster.



Thanks for being here. I appreciate you.

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