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Collective Reading: Taurus Season


Are you thinking about going to school? Taking a class? Seeking a mentor?

Yes. Do that.

You, my friend, are an absolute shit show. Like you’re great. But a shit show.

Having something to keep you in something resembling a state of routine or consistency is a good choice. If you don’t have someone/something on the horizon that can act as this beacon… then set your mind to the intention of having this - the universe will help lead you to someone who will help!

All that said, no one’s going to tidy your shit FOR YOU. You need to pull up your socks and be accountable for where you have the power and the sovereignty to make changes in your life and in yourself that get you closer to who and what you want to be.

Time to pull up your boot straps, friend. Hire help if needed. xo



No more alcohols for you my friend.

Like, I know she’s a good time, but nay nay. The alochol is NOT your friend.

Bad choices, bad for your body, bad for your head… you’re too old for this shit anyway.

Now, whether you decide to go OFF the sauce completely, or take a break… the details of this are up to you. But when I tell you it is of vital importance for you to take a step back. Please hear me. It’s truly time to take a step back.

Why? I don’t know. Are you an alocholic? Maybe. I don’t know you.

But whether being clear-minded is to take full advantage of an upcoming opportunity - or whether it’s a lifestyle change that needs to be considered to improve your life as a whole… only you will know what feels like the right fit.

Here, try this mocktail recipe:

Soda water

Elderflower syrup (amazon)

Fresh lemon juice

Sprig of Rosemary & lemon slice for garnish

I call it: Cottage Witch Lemonade



Time to Cowgirl up.

The time of being a little bitch is passed, and now it’s time to stap up, strap-on, and getter done.

Listen, hard times are hard times. They suck, they are real, and you deserve to feel those feelings. You deserve to feel validated, supported, loved, and held.

But there’s also a time when you need to be honest with yourself about when those hard times are hard times - or when you’re searching for reasons to exploit your feelings. Because when people love us, validate us, and make room for us it feels GOOD. And sometimes we want to keep finding reasons to squeeze out reasons for others to come and make us feel good.

Life is full of endless shitiness. There’s never going to be a time when there aren’t some things going down that aren’t just a wee bit shitty. This is the human experience (it’s also your programmed bias to see things this way… explore that). Instead of resenting life for what it is… Learn to ride the ride. I dare you to have fun.

Google dopamine detox and do that.

When life gets hard, you need to get harder.

I believe in you, princess. You can do it.


Thank you for joining me for this episode of your monthly collective tarot reading. I would love to delve into something a little more personal... more specific. Hmu so I can do a reading for you. I promise I won't let the roast get too hot.

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