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Capricorn Season - Collective Reading


Have you ever had someone say: CALM DOWN, YOU ARE OVERREACTING.

And it's like: thanks a lot. That's so helpful. NOT.

Well. In this particular situation, I'm going to need you sit down, take a deeeeep breath... and brace yourself: Tough shit my friend because that is some damn sound advice for the moment.

Listen, Linda. I know you're a squishy emotional little chestnut. You are so kind, loving, compassionate and empathic. I know that your feelings are hurting - and there is probably a valid reason for you to feel the way you do.

But also... you can dial it in a bit. Your response is not proportionate the the events at hand. You need to self-examine your participation in how these events unfolded. If you are truly of the mind that you did nothing - then I am here to let you know, respectfully. You are delulu.

You are being called into a space of accountability. It doesn't mean you need to bury your feelings or shove them aside for someone else's gain. It means you are getting a chance to truly look at where you played a role in your own discomfort - so you can avoid this scenario from replaying in the future.



Oop, oop, oop! A few too many irons in the fire methinks.

Okay. Impending doom approaches if you do not clear your plate a bit. Probably it will simply end by you being taken down (I don't mean like... someone putting a hit out on you) - more like, you're going to wind up in bed with some illness while everything crashes a burns around you.

You have created the perfect little potential dumpster fire. It's avoidable! (So like, don't freak out okay...)

You have a handful of relatively small, manageable tasks... that you simply need to start doing. One by one start knocking them out. I know it seems like a lot when you put it all together - but there are little steps that will help make a huge load seem more manageable.

You really can do this. You just have to start. You have to pull up your socks, be accountable to yourself - and take a small step forward. Any and every little step makes a difference.

No more avoiding! Get at it friend.



Are you being honest with yourself about what you truly want?

You will not be able to use logic to get you out of things... you are going to have to reach inside yourself and consult that inner knowing. Talk to your heart. Have a conversation with your soul.

What your heart and soul are calling you to may well be at odds with what is logical. And certainly, the path will have difficulty. But the path you're on now has difficulty too... and it's at the cost of your heart.

You deserve to feel fulfilled. You deserve to understand how valuable you are. You deserve rich, meaningful relationships, connections, experiences... The life you want... your desires are real. They are calling you because they are yours to have. Follow the call.

It doesn't mean abandoning your responsibilities... it simply means creating a realistic and intentional focus on the path that your soul calls you to. It means dedicating yourself to making your dreams a reality. It means that those dreams are worth your effort, worth your time, worth that little bit more you need to put in to make them happen.

There's so much possibility for you! Please don't allow yourself to believe that it's not yours to claim.

You are capable of great things.


I am so grateful for your support! Thank you for being here.

It's a privilege to read for you so please hit up the online booking and let's get into it.

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So good and so the confirmation I needed to hear! Thanks Tanya💚

I’d love to know the name of this deck

Replying to

Love to hear that! This is the Alchemical Tarot by Robert M Place. One of my favorite decks.

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