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Capricorn Season - Collective Reading


I know it feels like to be productive you have to be on top of it. You have to get going. Get started. You also feel like you have to have things arranged, in order. Certificates completed and hung on the wall. All your accolades laid out. Plans made.

But you’re going to have to lose this belief system. This is not working for you.

This idea that things have to be at a certain point before you can begin - is the reason you cannot seem to get started!

You’re standing in your own way.

You need to understand that you will not be perfect, that you will make mistakes. That some of these endeavours are meant to be spontaneous, ill-planned, and a learning experience.

You need to trust in what you already know.



Okay friend. You need to get yourself a Capricorn so they can teach you how to stop being an emotional basket case.

Your two feet need to find themselves some ground RFN.

Listen Linda. I believe you when you say life has been challenging. I believe you when you tell me that you’ve had real cause for your tears, your pain, and your feelings. I do not mean to imply that you need to stop feeling altogether.

But BESTIE. You are letting your damn emotions drive the bus and it is NO LONGER SERVING YOU.

Pull over. Grab a pack of baby wipes and clean up your mascara tears.

Whoever, whatever has sent you into this emotional tailspin no longer is welcome to this hold on you. You are an empowered, sovereign being.

Shake it off. Reset. Get back in your body.

Put on a hype song and some headphones. CRANK IT. And SHAKE. IT. OFF.



What sets your soul on fire? What is it that you can start dreaming about and that dream feels endless… it continues to expand into greater and more opportunities the more that you think about it…?

Let your imagination loose.

This isn’t a waste or a frivolous, pointless expenditure of your time.

It’s vital.

Your vision is critical to how your life unfolds from this point on.

Do you believe it? The visions that you see for yourself? Do you believe that your ambitions, your passions, your dreams have a place in reality. Commit to them. Take a tiny step forward each day, and give your dreams permission to manifest into reality.

If you continue to deny them, you are telling them they have no place in your life. Make room for them. Let them in. And then some. Open up to the infinite possibilities that this life has for you.


Thank you for supporting my readings!

I'd love to read for you personally so book in friend. Let's have a hang and make some magic happen.

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