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Writer - Intuitive - HearthWitch -Tarot Reader - Musician - Creator.


Spirituality is so weird and fun, don't you think? It's an Alice-in-Wonderland type of experience that seems to get curiouser and curiouser the further we fall down the rabbit hole.


I will happily share with you the story of how Wonderland found me despite all my efforts to avoid it - but to keep it brief and somewhat relevant, here’s what you might want to know about me. 


I’m Tanya. I'm a musician that's been reading tarot for over 7 years (while pursuing a myriad of additional career paths). I love tarot so dearly, and it's something I feel privileged to share. I identify as a hearth witch. I also dabble in astrology and the Akashic Records; I have my reiki master certification, and I occasionally talk to dead people. 

I do one-on-one readings, as well as workshops, and courses. I hope that I can somehow include you in the fun and magic! 


"Tanya is always so welcoming, kind, honest, funny and very personable. She is really great at explaining things and always gives excellent analogies!

I always resonate with the readings I’ve been a part of and since taking her class, I’ve been so in tune with my intuition!

I highly recommend everything Tanya has to offer! She truly is incredible!"

Laurie Greenlay


“Tanya is not only fun and free spirited she is full of wisdom. As a beginner to the intuitive realm she helped me realize how I connect with myself and others can differ and that’s ok!"

Sara Steppa

"Tanya has been such a pivotal part of my healing and growth journey. Her readings like nothing I have experienced before with her level of expertise and depth.

The mentorship and guidance she offers through her work is beyond potent. I am obsessed with the way she brings together both the mystical realms of tarot and the pragmatic action steps to aid in your growth.

Thank you Tanya! I can't wait for our next session!"

KC Volard