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A way to honor the entry of a new spirit onto the earth.


This is an intuitive natal chart reading that includes information on what you can expect from your new soul as they embark on their human journey. Some aspects of their personality that will be most noticable, some ways they may shift as they grow up, and some ways you might consider parenting your new little in a way that is mindful and honors the person they are working into becoming. 


A unique and personal gift for both mum and babe.

Digital PDF & Audio Recording: You will receive the baby's chart via email - either directly to the mother, or to your email address to print or forward as you choose. Along with the pdf chart is an audio recording that offers more insight and details on the chart. The recording is approximately 20 minutes in length. 

+ Physical Printout: Everything in the digitial package (audio reading and natal chart) as well as a physical write-up of baby's birthchart. The natal chart and personal write-up are printed on beautiful parchment paper and make for a lovely keepsake. They will arrive via Canada Post, please order knowing it may take 2-3 weeks to receive. (Audio Recording is an MP3 sent via email). 


The Full Package: All of the above plus a bundle of seasonal dried herbs and flowers inspired by the current zodiac's season, and a small beeswax candle to promote health, safety, and rest for both mom and babe. Sent via Canada post - please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping. 

Baby's First Natal Chart

  • Please list the email address you would like to receive your reading, as well as for correspondence. 

    Baby's Birth Information: 

    Full Name
    Birth location (city)
    Birth weight & length (optional) 

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