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Who has the time to make appointments these days - amirite?? 


Okay, so this reading is for those of us that either just can't seem to get something on the books - or maybe you would just rather soak in the divine wisdom of your tarot reading from the comfort of your headphones while taking yourself on a walk through nature. Or in a bubble bath. Or while vacuuming the house. 


Either way, this audio reading can be a great alternative to a one-on-one booking. 


Once your order is placed, I'll get to working on a reading for you. Within 1-2 weeks time, I will send over an MP3 recorded clip for you to listen to in your own time. These recordings can vary slightly in length but usually average 12-15 mintues. I also include a photo of the cards I pulled for you, in case you're keen to see what came up for you. 

Audio Tarot Reading

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