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Virgo Season- Collective Reading

Virgo is a sign I struggle with. I think I struggle with my own Virgo placements and relating to them in a positive light. I cringe at all my Virgo-ic traits… the need to be in control, the neurosis, the perfectionism that often bleeds into micromanaging and nitpicking others (much to their annoyance no doubt)… the over-analyzing, the perpetual need to do things better and improve.

It helps when I remember Beyonce is a Virgo - helps to know that the Queen of Everything is a glowing, strong, compassionate, powerful, talented Virgo. A force to be reckoned with. Then I can sort of cultivate some of that Queen-Goddess energy for myself, knowing that this is what Virgo really is famous for.

That said, I still had to put in a little extra work for this month's collective reading in order to overcome my bias. I had to study up on Virgo in order to set the proper tone for this reading. I had to be as neutral as possible. I had to learn more about Virgo so that I could create a reading that would truly serve us.

One of the biggest takeaways for me in my studies this far, is understanding that Virgo has the desire to be in control of their domain, and not for the domain to have control over them.

Virgo is the master. It’s the Sorcerer, the Magician. It’s very much an Empress energy. So what can come across as perfectionism, hyper vigilance, and controlling behaviour - is more deeply understood as the desire to have this mastery, wisdom, efficacy, and cohesive relationships with environment, emotions, spirit, and connections.

In turn, this month's tarot reading is about embodying the master within you. Cultivating the self that is wise, knowing, compassionate, powerful, and a master no matter what their environment is. Becoming the Beyonce that is inside of you.



I wonder if you know this. Maybe if you don’t know it on a conscious level, then perhaps a deeper part of you will recognize this description…

You are the sunshine in the life of those around you. You are a motivator. A cheerleader. A light. You’re filled with hope, encouragement, ambition, creativity, positivity, inspiration… and you my friend, are all heart. You’re like this fierce light-warrior, championing forward to ensure that all those you love are sure to see the brightest and most magical parts of themselves.

What a gift you are to your friends, family, coworkers… and honestly, even strangers. Thank you for being this light in the world.

Take a minute to consider some of the ways you’ve been there in this way for others. To note when you’ve helped someone off the floor, or cheerlead their projects, or applauded their ambitions. Take a minute to remember some of the encouraging words you’ve spoken, and the wisdom that was so knowing it may have even surprised you a little.

Now, turn this gift into yourself. Look in the mirror. Or just imagine you could split yourself into two.

Sit yourself down, and give yourself the same words of inspiration, courage, support, and motivation.

Feeling doubtful about where to go right now? You are your own best advisor and counsel. You are your own best motivator and inspiration.

Offer yourself unbridled encouragement. And watch yourself bloom like the people around you.



Hello my ambitious friend. I see you. You are driven, motivated, hard-working, creative, inspired… something is constantly in motion - your mind or your body - or both.

You don’t stop moving (even when you ought to…).

Now… you’re a tricky one because somehow you like to plan… but are also weirdly impulsive. Can you explain to me how this is possible?

Okay, well. Either way. The next steps can’t be planned. You’re going to have to move steadily forward with a blindfold on and kind of hope for the best.

Things won’t go as planned. And you’ll be asked to improvise a bit.

You will also be asked to take a pause. And this pause will make you uncomfortable.

You will feel lurched and it will drench you in doubt, fear, and frustration. OR you can understand that the pause is a part of it. The pause doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t indicate failure. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t do enough - that you aren’t enough. It doesn't have to trigger those feelings of uncertainty if you choose to embrace the occurrence of what is.

It’s just a pause.

Do you know what music would sound like if there were no rests? It would be a mishmash of noise. Busy and lacking rhythm. It would be a big mess.

Your life is a symphony. Let it play out. Let it be beautiful. Rests and all.



Alright. Take a breath with me. *Big inhale.* Big exhale.*

You. Are. So. F*cking. Powerful.

You could move the mountains if you chose you.

You are a force of nature.

You are wild but grounded. You are as infinite as the sky, but steady as the earth.

Do not let any individual, any circumstance, and your own little mind-demons allow you to believe otherwise.

There has not once, ever been a time - not even a moment - where you weren’t this powerful, amazing, human being.

You are fallible and flawed; and this is not a smudge on your power. You are dualistic. You are dynamic. You are everything at once.

Now give yourself permission to BE everything at once.

Not perfect. Not flawless. POWERFUL. STRONG. INFINITE. AMAZING.

You have never not been enough. You have never not been a gaddamn QUEEN (or king, or Qxn).

When you walk around, lift your chin. Bring your shoulders back. Walk tall. And speak when you have something to say.


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