It’s been a minute. How’ve you been?

Yeah. It’s been something hasn’t it?

2020 will probably be remembered like that one kid in high school that would just always do a buncha crazy shit. And just when you thought they couldn’t do anything more extreme they kept upping the ante until they basically imploded and their parents decided to home-school. Ahh, home-schooling. Sorry, that one might make some of the parent-readers get that left eye twitch going again. #PTSD.

Well, outside of the whole pandemic and other apocalyptic-like occurrences, I had a kid and that was its own form of world-changer.

In the last three months I’ve gotten myself elbows deep in diapers, baby blankets, and a side order of some pretty swanky postpartum depression.

I took a time out from the internet – because that was the safest way for me to feel like I could disappear. All other options came with more severe by-products (like funeral arrangements and headstone engraving) so naturally I chose to take the former route and spare my husband and family the trouble of sorting out who gets my favourite bass.

At the moment, I am experiencing what can only be described as identity crisis – and the best way for me to sort through that is by writing. It gives me a chance to funnel out all my thoughts and hopefully unearth a little clarity.

Feel welcome to join me on the journey to who I am next. I’m going to share the gist of what’s been going on the last few months and my current state of affairs. I’ll do my best to keep it organized and logical; or maybe just a bit sensationalized and semi-chronological.

See you in the comment section. I look forward to your commentary, feedback, and your own shares of perhaps similar experiences.

Love you muchly internet dwellers. It’s good to be back (in moderation).