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Millenials love this shit. 


I've got your 'what-do-i-buy-this-mofo' problem solved. If you're out of ideas for what to get your favorite Virgo for their birthday (and you better get them SOMETHING 'cause if you don't they will remember it for the rest of your life)... You can buy them this candle kit!

It's amazing. 

It's got a little roast so they can validate their need to be butthurt on the daily. And it's got a ritual they can do on (or near) their birthday. Comes with a pocket stone, palo santo, and a specially made, Virgo-inspired, Basic-sized candle. 




The kiddo's get pocket-size pizzaz.


Their kit includes a poem, pocket stone, a kid-friendly ritual & mini-candle inspired by Virgo vibes.

The Virgo

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