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The Wallet Fattener (green) - get yourself that munnay munnay.


Have you seen the price of groceries these days? Let’s not get started on utilities.


The Wallet Fattener seems to create pathways for money you didn’t know you had. Like that long lost uncle that passes away and leaves you his multi million dollar estate. (It could happen. It probably won’t, but it could…)


While the uncle situation is unlikely; I have heard all sorts of weird stories about this candle working. Bringing in the dough. The clients. The work. Whatever gets the green in your bank account. This one sparks the flame!




The Bodyguard (black) - the bad vibes can fk right off.


Negative energy, overbearing MILs, frenemies, house guest that’s over stayed their welcome - even your own energetic garbage: there’s nothing the bodyguard can’t handle, and toss on its ass.




The Lightworker (white) -


This one is almost as nice as taking an Adavan (except for nothing is as nice as taking an Adavan). It’s great for creating a gentle, welcoming environment. And extremely beneficial for intuitive work, mediumship, meditation, Akashic Records, psychic work, and connection to source. (Which Adavan can’t do - see, this is better. And far less addictive.)


Take two, and call me in the morning.




The Glow Up (gold/natural) - If the Lightworker is Adavan. This is Zoloft.


Let the good vibes shine! Feel your sunniest, brightest, and vibey-est. This candle can light up the room, and help you to as well. Open the solar plexus chakra and channel your the most vibrant version of you. You’ll be a walking ray of sunshine.


You’ll be so bright and happy, you’ll annoy everyone you know. (And that’s a good thing.)




Basic - (1.25” diameter, 6”tall)

$18 ea

3 for $48

4 for $60


The Basic

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