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Virgo Season - Collective Reading


Well, after that weird Leo Season reading that was a bit down in the dumps, this is the kinda of news we need! The Star is one of my favourite cards to see in a reading. It's a little cheesy, and never ceases to feel trite to say: you have permission to take a breath, and know that you are exactly where you need to be.

The stars are aligning in favour of you. If you start to pay attention, you will see all the beautiful and magical ways that the universe is surrounding you with opportunity, support, magic, and love.

If you are not seeing these gifts yet - then know they're coming! They're looking for you, so if you start looking too then you're more likely to see them sooner.

Listen to your intuition. Follow your gut. And acknowledge all the magic that unfolds before you.



There's someone in your life that has their own interests positioned above all else.

I hate saying this type of thing because it feels like it's fear mongering and I'm going to make some people paranoid. So I will say this part with emphasis: If you do not immediately know who this person is, then don't worry about it. Either this isn't for you, or that person will reveal themselves in short order - and not in a way that causes anything terribly unexpected.

Essentially, this is meant to be a confirmation of the feeling(s) you already had around this person. OR as a gentle heads up to take note of behaviours that seem inherently off. Cover your own ass. And don't let someone else make a mess for you to clean up.



Just wait.

It's not time to get going. Not right now. So just hang on a minute.

Settle in and get comfortable with chilling out. Smell the roses, take a bath, binge a Netflix series. It's not go-time. WHEN it is. You'll get a call-to-action. It will be clear. There's someone that will come knocking and alert you that things are rolling - in the mean time. Just wait. There is something that needs to fall into place. Something coming to you - you can't go to it.

I promise you will not miss your call-to-action. I promise you will not miss out on anything important. Be patient. Be still. Time and opportunity do not always follow our own timeline and agenda.

You know a lot. But you don't know everything. And right now someone knows better than you that it is time to wait.


I appreciate your support with my readings! If you feel like contributing to my diaper fund or taking an edge of my (insanely high) grocery bill - please hit up my PayPal link. All contributions are welcome with immense gratitude.

I would absolutely LOVE to read for you one-on-one - book yourself in and let's chat about all the things going on in your world.

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