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Taurus Season - Collective Reading

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

*sorry if you're seeing this because of a glitchy blog-email! Let's blame mercury shall we?


The planning period is overrrr. Get that shit GOING. Get in on the action.

No longer are you meant to sit on the sidelines, wait your turn, or plan for what’s to come. Go get your hands dirty. Let experience be your teacher.

Bring the action. Go, go, go.

It’s time. You’re as ready as you’re going to be.

Don’t try to prevent failure by over-planning - instead trust that you have all the skills you need to deal with your challenges as they come. You are ready now. GO!



Okay but for real this time. Staaaahppp it.

You have some bad habits - that you are already acutely aware of - that you need to shut down.

It’s really time now.

You’ve perhaps been justifying it, or you’re gunna ‘start tomorrow’ - and then tomorrow never comes.

These bad habits are interfering with your money goals. Even if they seem unassociated, just watch. You make the right choices for you, your mental health, your body - and just wait, there will be a shift in your money situation.

This isn’t about guilt. This isn’t because you’re a shitty person. And we’re not going to get into the self-sabotage conversation.

We’re just gunna admit - hey, I need a break from these habits that *I am well aware* aren’t in my best interests.

Period. No story, no guilt, no shame.

Just a time out.

Adopt the AA philosophy and take it one day at a time. One moment at a time, that’s all anyone can ask of you - and all you should ask of yourself. Have grace for yourself. When you slip up, be gentle and help yourself start again.

You’re worth this.

(PS... this bad habit could be a person. Sorry. But you already knew, I'm just confirming. Love youuu.)



Slow it down a bit.

If you've been operating in warp drive it's time to bring the pace down a hair. If you don't bring the pace down, you'll find you are brought to a halt (and stopped is so much more frustrating than slow).

Life is a marathon, and though there are times to sprint, you're not meant to sprint the whole time. You are meant to experience a vast variety of paces and places. And when you're burning through with guns blazing, you can miss out on a lot of magick, opportunity, and amazing people.

I know you are on a mission. I know that you crave that expertise, that wisdom, that knowing... but it doesn't all have to happen right now.

Remember that you are collaborating with life. You are meant to pursue, but equally you are meant to receive. There's a time to push forward, and a time to let life meet you where you are - but if you never stop, then life can't make its way to you.

Slow it down a little, and see what shows up for you when you give it the time to show up.



Be thorough. Is there anything that’s slipping through the cracks? Or going unaddressed?

Now is the time to double check - triple check. Cross Ts, dot Is. Triple check.

Listen Linda. Mercury is in Gatorade again and no chances can be taken right now.

(Also - if you wanna jump down someone’s throat, you write that angry email but don’t you DARE send it until you’ve slept on it a couple nights. Make sure those stabby words aren’t misdirected.)

Slow down where you can and be diligent - make more conservative choices (including those that are centered around finances).

I think you might find that in about 2-4 weeks there will be something that comes out of the shadows. It's unlikely that you will be blindsided by this new information (aka look for the evidence of it because you should be able to find it) - but something may surface. It's nothing you can't handle, please don't fret.

As long as you have been thorough, kept your receipts, and followed your gut, it should be fine! (aka please don't spend the next month in an anxious spiral) - instead use this as motivation to just go the extra mile to make sure your ass is covered if anything were to go sideways. (Read the fine print!)

A great sentence for you to utilize this month: "Let me think on that and I'll get back to you."

Do you best to respond from an emotionally regulated space.


Thank you so much for your support! And once again I apologize for the random blog-email. I haven't figured out why that happened, so hopefully it's an isolated event.

I appreciate your comments and your feedback, thank you so much for sharing your experiences! It never gets old, hearing that the magick does all work somehow. You are a gift and I'm so grateful.

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