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Taurus Season - Collective Reading

Updated: Apr 24, 2022


It would appear that your money-related challenges run deep. Whether you are conscious of it, or not - you’re carrying around patterned belief systems around money that were likely developed in childhood - these belief systems directly contrast your conscious desires.

Creating any type of abundance, prosperity, and wealth in your life at this point will be incredibly challenging (or impossible) if these old patterns aren’t unwound and healed.

How to identify them? Hmm… common stories include a narrative about what it means to have money - do you (or a parent-figure) shrug off those with money as pretentious, inconsiderate, evil, etc? Then whenever you have abundance, you’ll subconsciously sabotage it because you don’t believe you can be a good person and have wealth.

Were you taught that the only was to make an honest living was through good, hard work? If that story is running strong then it’s going to feel like an up hill climb for every dollar you make.

Do you have a lack mentality in general? Worry there won’t be enough to cover your needs - as opposed to trusting there will be?

If you spend more time focusing on how you’ll get the money to do X Y or Z instead of focusing on X Y or Z itself - it could be impacting your ability to create those experiences for yourself.

Money beliefs are deep seeded, and often very nuanced from person to person. Sometimes it takes the perspective of someone else to help you find what might be holding you back. Confide in a trusted friend, seek out a coach or intuitive to help support you in your journey.

You can do it alone as well of course! It will simply require patience and open-mindedness. Give yourself time to meditate - walk, sit in quiet, take a bath - anything that gives you a breather from all the noise that is life. And then listen in, the knowing will find you.


Is there something you’ve been avoiding sharing with others for fear of judgment? Or maybe it’s just something that goes against the norm?

Maybe there’s something you want to do, share, create, or be that lives a little outside the lines - and you feel compelled to stay within the confines in order to achieve success?

You will not achieve success and financial abundance with traditional methods - or with methods/practices that have been effective for others.

Your success will be a product of your unique expression and individuality.

It will likely come with some growing pains… you’ll have to manage rejection because not everyone is going to understand your practice. You’re going to have to be willing to stand strong in your own definition of self and be able to have enough inner-integrity to make room for those that won’t appreciate the way you take up space.

You don’t need to apologize or justify the way you feel compelled to show up in the world. You also are being given permission - encouragement in fact - to let go of someone else’s pathway to success and start to carve out your own.

Your gut will lead you. Your mind will give you little sparks of inspiration and ideas that will keep you moving in the right direction for you. All that you need to do - is trust yourself. Trust that even though you haven’t seen someone do things this way - that this way is the right way for YOU.

Other people’s opinions and input is only as valuable as you assign the value to it. Invest wisely.


It’s funny to me that you’re here, taking advice from me on how to bring in more money - when in reality, I should be getting advice from YOU.

You and money are like peas and carrots (little Forrest Gump inpso on that one). have an innate knowing when it comes to money and creating it. You seem to just know - or even just have good luck with and around money.

If you don’t feel like the money wizard I’m making you out to be - then know this about yourself: You are a goddamn money wizard. It *wants* to come to you, it *wants* to find you, and it WILL *always* find you… your job is to be open, accepting, in a state of peace, certainty, and trust.

I dare you, to choose a time frame that feels comfortable/safe (a week? A month?)- and dial in all of your best acting skills and pretend that you are amazing with finances - or pretend to be in that next level of income that you are looking to create.

Pretend as masterfully as you can - that it is in your innate nature to exist in a reliable and secure financial state.

And then see what happens.

And remember this: we have as much as we feel we deserve.


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