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Scorpio Season - Collective Reading

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


Okay. I’m sorry. But you’re going to have to choose which end of the candle you’re burning ‘cause the whole burning-at-both-ends things is really not the vibe.

Abundance is a glorious, wonderful, amazing thing. Until will have an over-abundance of abundance.

If you’re loving life and having an amazing time being headfirst in a pile of everything - that’s cool. But eventually you’re going to notice it starts to feel heavy. I just want to make sure that you remain sensitive to those cues. That you’re listening when the universe, or your body, or your home if they are call and asking for you to slow down and turn inward. We’ve just passed Samhain - and we’re coming into the time of year when we are meant to fall into the season of darkness, introspection, and quiet. Let yourself fall into your own rhythm, your own seasons. Make sure you’re not constantly running at one speed.

Make sure that you’re not continuing to pursue something because you fear stillness. A lack mindset can show up in our abundance simply by making us fear saying no. Maybe these opportunities won’t come up again? If I say no now, I might not get that client back… this is lack-based thinking and though it keeps us busy - it can really interrupt the relationship with our value.

It’s a tricky balance at times. On one hand - make hay while the sun shines. But on the other - know when you are interfering with your own natural rhythms and saying yes when it would be ultimately more beneficial for you to take a breath. You matter. Your peace matters. Your sanity matters. Your rest, enjoyment, fun, leisure, and relationships matter.

Listen to what your body needs, ask your heart what would be best right now. And then listen to it, and trust completely.



In this season you’re going to want to cultivate your warrior goddess (or GodeX) energy. If you do not resonate with being the warrior goddess - you will absolutely have a friend or a meaningful person in your life that embodies that energy. You can use that person as inspo to foster the warrior in you. Maybe it’s already been happening, maybe there’s a lot going on - perhaps you’re in a straight up shitstorm.

You will need to incite the inner strength and fierceness within you in order to get through the tasks ahead. Your emotions will best serve you if kept in check (or in a suitcase under the stairs if need be). This season is not for unleashing raw emotion. Your future self will thank you. (This is a temporary arrangement. Please let the emotions out from under the stairs eventually. Just be intentional about the space in which they are let out.)

Be direct, honest, and confident. Keep your chin up and eyes ahead. Shoulders back and stand tall. Using effective communication and mindful language will work to your advantage. Be extra mindful with your word choices. Once spoken things can’t be unsaid and at this particular moment in life - anything you say can and will be used against you. Silence can be golden. Be selective when you speak, and when you do so be bold, concise, truthful, and as unemotional as possible. Passive aggressive is beneath you. Speak up.

Think power suit type of vibe. Get it.



You always have choices.

You can always find a way. You will never be backed into a corner. If it feels that way, you need to consider options that are beyond the concept of “this or that” Have you put yourself into a position where it feels like there’s a crossroads? Or something to choose between - option one, option two kinda thing? You are in a situation where the solutions are omnidirectional. But you’re going to have to think outside the box. You’re going to have to consider the infinite number of ways this could potentially work out in order to get your mind out of this catch-22 mentality. Here is your homework assignment, should you choose to accept it.

Everyday write down one (or many) potential outcomes to your circumstance. Use your imagination and be as ridiculous as possible (a white dragon will fly from the sky and take me away…). The point is not to grind out a solution. The point is to open your mind up to the limitless possibilities that you aren’t able to conceive right now.

Regardless of if your homework scrawlings present you with any ‘realistic’ solutions/ideas; I can almost guarantee that there will be something revealed to you that will be helpful. Let the universe meet you half way. Be open to possibilities beyond the box that you mind is in. Refocus yourself on just trying to break open the box.

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