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Sagittarius Season - Collective Reading

Updated: Dec 3, 2022


It is better to give than it is to receive. JK LAWL Let it rain for you this month. This month, you are spoiling YOU. Stuff your own stocking, take yourself out for lunch at your favourite place - be unapologetically and unabashedly about YOU. You'll be offered gifts, lunches, coffees, and various other things this month - don't think twice about saying YES THANK YOU and openly accepting absolutely everything that comes your way.

Life balances us out all the time and instead of pushing away the good faith and opportunities - LET IT IN. You'll have a chance to be the giver another time - or maybe you've already had a period of time where you've been the generous one. So let things IN now. Flex your receiving muscle.

Don't push things away with a "Oh, you shouldn't have!" ... just open up, give a big hug, and a genuine "thank you" and know in your heart that you deserve to receive, and also that the people around you deserve the joy and satisfaction of giving to you.



Get your freak on. Listen, I don't want to pry into your sex life - but how've things been?

My friend. You need the D. (or the V.. or a really good vibrator...)

Whatever your pleasure method of choice - GET AFTER IT.

Invest in your sexlife. Energize your sacral chakra. Buy yourself a nice new toy, subscribe to a naughty OF page, get yourself an extra spicy novel - and then GO TO TOWN.

Single, attached - doesn't matter. Pleasure does not discriminate. You can have some fun time with YOU. Or have fun time with some one else. Or many someone elses. No judgement here.

Just be safe. And have fun.




For the next little while there's no such thing as 'too much'. Let yourself completely indulge. Follow your every whim and desire. Let's give it a month or so? You can be responsible later, but for now - just let it all be fair game.

If you have kids, this would be a great time to be the yes-parent instead of saying no. Let the littles choose what they want for dinner (Spaghetti tacos could be better than they sound?). Maybe have cookies for breakfast and eat dessert before dinner. If you don't have kids then be the yes-parent for yourself. Let loose!

Listen, I know it might sound irresponsible. And it is a little. But it's temporary. Things will regulate again and we'll go back to routines and veggies. But for the short term, let's remember that we only live once, and that it's equally important to experience joy and indulgence as it is to have structure and discipline.

If this idea makes you feel feelings (fear, big pushback, or uncomfortable) - it's probably an even bigger indicator that this might be a good move for you. If you need to, start with a smaller period of time - maybe you just let loose for a week. ONE week. One week of your life dedicated to impulsivity, fun, and dare I say the odd bit of recklessness. I promise you the sky will not come crashing down.

Go have fun. Find your joy.


Thank you for supporting my readings!

It's the holiday season and if you're looking for the special woo-woo person in your life I have gift cards available. Please also feel welcome to stuff your own stocking and book with me; I love doing one-on-one readings and would love the opportunity to read for you.

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