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Pisces Season - Collective Reading


You need to identify the themes in your life that are taking you away from YOU.

What is it that stands in between you revealing and being the most genuine version of you?

Some of your choices aren’t lining up with the person that you want to become. You might notice that because of this, you are showing up in ways that you might not love. Maybe your inner-people-pleaser is causing you to take on too much; or maybe your temper is flaring more than usual. Perhaps you’re withdrawing from people and things you love. Or maybe it’s just that the person that you see in the mirror isn’t what you want to see.

Have compassion for yourself. Find forgiveness for where you’ve lost commitment to yourself, or the person you know you are. It’s okay that you’ve made mistakes. It’s okay that you didn’t get it all done.

You are not dead yet. It’s not over. The things that are unfinished, are not failings - they’re just not done YET.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to commit to yourself. Commit to the person you want to be. Commit to the person you know that you are.

When you misstep, you can recalculate and try again.

It’s not over. You’re not done. It’s just not going the way you through it should. AND THATS OKAY.

You’re worth the time. You’re worth the effort.

Keep trying. Keep failing. Keep going.

You’re going to find your way back to you.



Alright. So it’s time to break free.

But it’s like… a gentle version of breaking free.

Less of a free-fall - more of a float-fall.

It will still require bravery. It’ll still feel daunting at times. It will still require your trust and surrender. But I promise, the impact will not be as hard as you’re expecting it to be.

Whatever is holding you back, let it go.

Trust in the people and support systems around you. Trust that the universe and your network of loved ones will be there for you.

You’ll probably have a few unplanned adjustments on the fly, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. And you will have HELP. Lots of help.



Opportunities are like sliding doors for you right now.

When you pass on one, another will come floating along in its place.

An auspicious time for you, certainly. Don’t waste it!

Follow your heart, follow your desire, let flow the abundance of opportunity, lucky, and good fortune.

There are big changes afoot for you. Not the scary, daunting kind (yay!), but rather the FUN, exciting, and adventurous kind (assuming you’re ready to buckle in for all the interesting things that unfold on the way).

Really exercise your gratitude practices this coming month. The more that you consciously recognize and appreciate, the more you are affirming to the universe, source and the collective that you are open to receive!

(loving this for you.)



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