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Libra Season - Collective Reading

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Collective Reading

Libra Season


Have you heard the term ‘toxic gratitude’ or ‘toxic positivity’ … if not, head to Google for some light reading.

You my friend, are bypassing your emotions and inadvertently not honouring your humanness and life experiences because you are washing them away with your gratitude and optimism.

You are invalidating what your true feelings are on your circumstances because you are trying to see the silver lining; or uncover the meaning and lesson within your challenges.

It’s a wonderful and beautiful thing to be able to source out the meaning of your difficulties. Please don’t abandon this quality.

But you need to walk with both hands full.

In one, you can hold your gratitude, positivity, optimism, and good will. And in the other, you hold your challenges, hardships, emotions, and anger.

One doesn’t negate or negotiate the other. They can coexist together. Embrace and aim to truly understand duality. You will have a greater appreciation for yourself and others this way.



Lead with your heart first.

You probably do this naturally anyway. But perhaps this is confirmation that it is the right way for you to exist in this world. You aren’t taking the easy way out, it's not something you do simply for convenience. You’re not being irresponsible (okay, like - sometimes you are, but for our purposes today let’s not worry about that.)

You have a child-like, starry-eyed quality to you that in this cynical world is a breath of fresh air. It will likely piss some people off - mostly because these people didn’t get an opportunity (even in their youth) to be so carefree and optimistic.

So don’t let them get you down. Try to hold space that their experience is different than yours, and then keep rolling through life with your rose-tinted sunglasses.

The way you live your life is a part of how you bring joy and light to this world. Allow yourself to be this light. Spread joy.

CARD TWO *flipside*

This doesn’t happen often, but this card is giving me a B-side reading. If the above doesn’t resonate - then maybe you ARE the person that struggles to be carefree, childlike, or sunny. Then you are being called to cultivate that energy. Perhaps there are times when things are just a bit too serious. Perhaps it’s too easy for you to answer the calls fo cynicism, skepticism, and be slightly antagonistic. (For the record, you’re not getting any judgement from me - I could’ve written the book on this…)

It can be a rut that we accidentally keep choosing to exist in.

There are other choices. There are other ways to live. And though it might take some commitment - it’s absolutely possible to shift yourself in a way that you are able to have more broad and various (and sunnier) experiences in this life.

The inner-cynic has its place. You are an important and pragmatic part of this world. But try on a new colour every now and then. Choose to see things from another perspective.



You haven’t been leaving space for the divine feminine within you.

Gender aside. We all have feminine aspects of self, and masculine. The masculine representing the action, the ambition, the drive, the ‘go’ mentality (qualities that our society congratulates and encourages).

The feminine is the energy that receives. The energy that is knowing, is seated, compassionate, steady, wise, and honours the natural rhythm that the environment is offering at that time.

What would happen if you did nothing? What would happen if you let it all lie.

What would happen if you didn’t have to fix it, change it, alter it?

I know it might seem like everything would fall a part. And perhaps in part it would…

But it would also leave you an opportunity to be surprised. It would open up an opportunity for someone else to step up. To support you, or take the lead, or problem solve.

It might be a total disaster - but it might not be. And even if it is a total disaster - maybe it’s a necessary one.

If you want to renovate your kitchen - you can’t do it without removing what was there. And that gets messy.

Let it be messy. Let it go. Trust that it will unfold as it should. And you don’t need to pull a muscle trying to catch everything before it lands.


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