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Leo Season - Collective Reading


Been getting a little banged up lately I see.

Well that fkin sucks, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry that you’ve been going through the wringer. It’s not the time to hear about how it’s building character, and it’s all a part of a greater plan yada yada. So don’t listen to anyone that tries to tell you that. Right now is just a time when things suck. So let them.

Be around the people that make you feel comfortable being honest with your emotions. Be in spaces that you don’t have to labour to create false feelings of joy or contentment. Keep company with those whose presence feels like a warm hug.

Snuggle up with your favourite blanket, rewatch your favourite show - or reread that comfort series of books that you can always go back to.

Don’t push yourself into healing. Don’t fast forward through your feelings. Know that this time is important, and existing within it, avoiding the urge to rush through it, is important as well.



Hm. What’s going on here.

I can’t tell if you’re being extra emotional - and as such, you’re kind of standing in your own way. Or if you’re being extra emotional 'cause, like legit stuff is going down.

I suposed either way you’re left with a similar result. So regardless of the why - you need to really understand that your emotions are interrupting the process of progress in your life.

Now, it’s possible you’re in a little bit of card-one type of vibes - where you need to just let the stillness and emotions be. But if you feel like that period is passed, and you’re now craving movement, progress, and momentum. Then it’s time to get a handle on your emotions.

You really need to believe that things aren’t being done to you. That even if peoples’ actions or words (or life circumstances) have been cruel - that, that doesn’t have to create a story or life of its own. It can simply become a fact, an event. Data. Information for which you are smarter and wiser for knowing.

So how can you take these experiences and transmute them into wisdom? Teachable moments.

I guarantee you have a friend or someone close to you that’s tried to weigh in. And chances are it wasn’t really something you enjoyed hearing so it got pushed away.

Serve yourself up a hearty serving of the shit you don’t want to hear but will do you good.

I call this life-spinach. It’s maybe not so yummy - but it’s good for you. Nutrient dense.

You might be pleasantly surprised too, who knows? Sometimes when you open up to hearing that ‘ick’ stuff, it ends up being more helpful and encouraging that you might have initially thought. (Best to go in with low expectations though - just keepin’ it real.)



You’re going to have to be brave.

Cancel that.

You ARE brave. And you may need to remind yourself that you are brave.

That what you are endeavouring to do will require all of you. But you have it all. All that you need, you already have.

You don’t need anymore than your own body, mind, and will. You simply take small steps forward, and own your brave.

There’s nothing that deserves your fear. Not truly.

You are incredibly powerful. You are strong, bright, fiery.

Don’t worry about being graceful or perfect. Don’t worry about the flawless execution, or things going the way you want or hope them to. Just trust that you are all you need to face the storm ahead of you.


Thank you for supporting my readings. You are the real MVP.


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