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Gemini Season - Collective Reading

Updated: May 29, 2023


What you need to know right now is that you absolutely can, and you absolutely MUST trust your intuition.

You can see things without seeing them. Know things without knowing them. And you need to validate these experiences because they are so incredibly valuable.

Long passed is the time when you could gaslight yourself into thinking that what you know isn’t what you know. You can no longer pretend you’re not intuitively connected. You are. You have seen the signs of this. You’ve seen the SIGNIER signs of this. And probably another hundred more signier signs.

Look for the opportunities to follow your intuitive nudges. Look for chances to take to a chance on yourself, and those feelings. Get out of your head - Follow your gut. Follow your heart. Follow your foot if you have to but stop over-logicizing or talking yourself out of what you know to be true within you!

You are incredibly wise. You have so much to offer, so much to share. Trust yourself.

Your wisdom and insight is a gift that you can share with others - but you have to trust it first!



Dream on daring one.

Take a beat. Take a mental health day. Take a day off.

You need to take a moment to sit in the quiet and reflect on yourself. You need to get clear on what it is you really want to see happen in your life. You need to journal or verbally unwind your feelings, emotions, and the experiences you’ve been through recently.

You need to sit in solitude and enjoy the quiet of your own company. Get your favourite beverage, make your favourite meal. Focus your attention entirely on yourself. Channel your feelings onto a page, or maybe voice note yourself - and then recenter your focus on what it is you want to do and create in this lifetime. Or even just what you want to do or create this week.

You don’t need to change the world tomorrow. You don’t need to take on huge projects or big changes. You need to realign your focus and direction. You need to put aside time to process undigested emotions and experiences. Perhaps life has been moving too quickly to take a proper inventory - but if you don’t make the time, the time won’t make itself.

Prioritize this time - even if it’s just an hour. It’s important. Don’t talk yourself out of it, or justify it with why you can’t do it. I promise you, you can. You can make it happen. It might require creative thinking or problem solving. But I promise you it’s possible.



Ah, many layers to this one.

There’s some anger that needs to be released. How you choose to release it is up to you - whether it’s making certain parties aware of their impact or contribution to your rage and feelings - or perhaps you choose to strap on your sneakers and run until you can’t breathe. Either way, you need to unbuckle it, or you will find it destroys you from the inside.

You can channel your feelings in a creative direction or through writing - but these feelings look big enough that you might need to process them in a more tangible/physical way as well.

It might be that your feelings are unavoidable. It might be that you’re a victim to your circumstances. I don’t doubt that, that’s very much the case. But you need to understand that regardless of why this might be happening to you, you are responsible for how to respond, and how you choose to navigate yourself - because YOU are the one that is responsible for your life.

If someone walked through your kitchen and smashed all of your dishes all over the floor. It’s wrong, it's horrible, it’s shitty. They shouldn’t have done that. And they SHOULD clean it up. But so many times people will come fuck shit up and leave YOU with the mess. And the shittier part is that at the end of the day, it's still your kitchen. So you can choose to walk on the glass, or you can grab a broom, and replace your locks.

You are incredibly strong, and likely are being shown how truly strong and resilient you really are.

This is not your fault. And I wish you didn’t have to experience hard things. But don’t let yourself become victim to the circumstances you are in. Don’t become bitter because shitty people exist, and shitty things happen. Don’t give your power over to someone that is entirely unworthy.

Get out of the victim era - and into your MF'n BADDIE era.

*This is an extra long post because I want to be really clear on this. This is not intended to come across as victim-blaming. You are not at fault for things that may have happened to you. You're simply meant to understand that your responsibility is to yourself. And you deserve a beautiful life. You deserve to empower yourself and regain control where it's been lost to you. Be compassionate with yourself. But just be cautious that you are not causing yourself more harm than good because you are so focused outwardly. Avoid trying to get someone else to adhere to the morals and values that you do - because they never will... and it's a waste of your precious energy. xo


Thank you so much for your support. I love reading for you, and am so happy to do so!

If you would like to book in for a one-on-one please feel welcome to book online.

If you have any questions hit me up via email, DM on instagram, or phone: 403.305.8614.

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