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Leo Season - Collective Reading


It seems sort of obvious to say it - so please pardon how trite this may sound. But your way to your most authentic and vibrant you - is through the expression of the things that bring you joy.

It seems like there is a particular aspect of yourself that you keep quiet… it’s likely something that if you ever chose to reveal it, would make you feel quite vulnerable. But it’s also very much connected to your joy and your passion.

So despite the feelings of resistance and the butterflies in your tummy - it’s something that ought to be shared with the world.

And if this reading is not ringing a bell. You’re not sure what ‘it’ is yet. Then the way to find this ‘it’ is through self discovery. Ask yourself deeper questions. Not only what you want, what you like, or what you enjoy. But ask what you want people to remember you for when you pass away. What do you want to leave behind you? What is important to you? - like truly important.

The how will reveal itself to you in time. Let it show up to you, and give it a moment. Just dedicate yourself to learning who you are and what’s important to you. Be open to learning somethings about yourself that might feel unflattering or intimidating. Be honest with yourself about these qualities.

We only feel shame for these things because we’ve been taught to feel shame for these things. Being aware of all aspects of self means we have more choice in who we show up as, instead of running on default programming.


If you’ve been sleeping on your passion, get at it. It’s ready, you’re ready, it’s done - it’s time. Let’s do this.

There’s no more planning, no more percolating, no more thinking. Whatever you’re driven to do, be, create, release - it’s time. GO.

Green light. All signs yes. Go, go, go.

Yes. You will fall on your face. Yes you will fuck up. You will misstep, backtrack, reroute…

And absolutely NONE of this can be avoided or planned around.

Experience is the most brilliant teacher. Be a willing and openminded student.

This is an opportunity to dive in. And learn to be graceful with yourself. Who taught you that mistakes were a mistake? Who taught you that mistakes weren’t a natural, important, VITAL part of life?

You aren’t a failure because something fails. You are learning what works and what doesn’t.

When you learned to walk you fell over. You didn’t stop trying because gravity exists. You knew that you would learn to work with gravity - that even though gravity pulled you down and made you fall over - that it wasn’t an indication that you weren’t supposed to walk. That gravity and your ability to walk weren’t/aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

You’ve planned sufficiently. You have enough. You are enough. Now go and fall the fuck down a few times.


Wouldn’t it be ideal, if everything was ideal?

Alright friend. I’m going to level with you here. The amount of times your brain has been painting out the could’ve/would’ve/should’ve ’s and the ifs, buts, and if only-ies… it’s not productive.

I agree with you. The world would be a better place IF… but the world IS this. You live in this world.

As soon as you accept that this is the world, that these are your circumstances, that it is what it is till it ain’t anymore…

As soon as you accept that - then you can SHINE.

Because despite the odds feeling against you - despite the challenges and hurdles and seemingly impossible odds… there is opportunity for you. There is money for you. There are experiences waiting to be had by you.

But the time spent fantasizing about the things you can’t change is robbing you from visualizing and creating what you CAN.

Start small. Just start by thinking about what you can do. Maybe it’s one small thing. Then go do it…

Maybe it’s a list of things. Complete your list.

One step at a time… you’ll find yourself unearthing magic you never considered possible.


Thank you so much for supporting my readings! If this reading landed with you and you feel inspired to make donation, I have a PayPal link where I accept funds that help diaper my kids' butts, and put groceries in our bellies. Accepted with infinite gratitude. xo

One-on-one bookings available, gift certificates, and all sorts of fun things.

All can be found on this website!

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