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Collective Reading - April 18, 2022

Tarot Deck: The Wandering Star Tarot - Cat Pierce


If I told you that your superpower was infinite creativity - would you resonate with that? Your first language is creativity - you live to be, think, and live outside the box.

This world is a challenging place for you at times because there are walls created by society - because society likes boxes. Society feels comfortable in boxes.

When you feel boxed in by the life you’re living or what you’re doing to get by, or what you’re doing for a living - remember that you were not designed to be bound by a box. And nor are you required to be in one, despite the messages your environment may have you otherwise believe.

You’re meant to break down the walls that are limiting your creative freedom. You are being given permission to have the audacity - just enough ‘delusion’ - to bring into your life all of what you need and want.

In order to do this - you may need to break down some long-instilled and limiting belief patterns… this is not a simple feat, so consider it something to practice every day.

As you chip away at patterned belief systems, and habits that don’t serve the you that is you. You will start to notice the walls that box you in fade and fall away - leaving you with a wide open space where anything is possible.



Your mind is a powerful place. You are able to consider, plan for, anticipate, and calculate so many various situations, solutions, plans, ideas, and strategies.

The caveat to this, is the tendency toward destructive overthinking. Overthinking in and of itself isn’t an issue (despite it getting a bit of a bad rep) - it’s a powerful and amazing tool. But it can be misdirected and cause harm as opposed to good. So as the user - the person that yields such a tool - it is at your discernment and discretion, it is up to you to decide when your mind is working for the greater good, or when it is wreaking havoc.

This is rather simple as a concept - but challenging because it must be in constant practice.

Learn to take a step back from your mind and thoughts and inquire simply: “is this line of thinking/planning supporting me? Or is it causing me harm?” (Stress, anxiety, depression, angst, upset etc)

When you notice your mind causing you harm, redirect your focus into something that is constructive.

Your mind is sort of like a toddler seeking attention - it doesn’t really have a preference if that attention is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ - it’s simply looking to have that need met. We can redirect the toddler in a direction that is more desirable by reinforcing what we want.

So when you find yourself in a destructive mind-tornado - give yourself an assignment, a project. What is it that you want to ‘build’ … is there an idea you’ve been dormant on?

Laser in on something you feel lit up by. Something that excites you or intrigues you. Then use your imagination to build your ideas… and watch how truly magical ‘overthinking’ can be.



Your connection to source, the universe, the highest self, the power within and around you is what breathes life into you and all your pursuits.

Reconnecting yourself to your spiritual or religious ties will be what creates an infinite flow of whatever it is you need in that moment.

Prayer for you is a powerful tool. It doesn’t have to be kneeling at your bedside with your fingers intertwined. You are welcome to your own individual experience and connection - however that looks for you.

But honor and validate that connection often. Validate yourself in your knowing, and your strong intuition. Validate the power within you.

You innately and inherently know so much about yourself and the world and people around you. Allow yourself to speak freely, to feel openly, to give yourself whatever you need to feel unapologetic in taking up space. You are entitled to your existence.

Give yourself permission to believe what you feel without the need to justify or explain it.

Give yourself permission to be exactly what it is you want to be despite those that do not or will not understand. You will not be understood by all, and it’s not responsibly to ensure that you are. It is your responsibly to be in alignment with your own energy and the energy that you channel from source.


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