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Aries Season - Collective Reading


Unearthing your main character energy is almost bass-ackwards in a way. The way you’re going to find the magic that is you, is by turning inward. Deep reflective moments. Turning away from centre stage and bringing the curtains down.

It’s highly likely that when you take that time to really invest in that inner-experience, that you will have to uncover things that you don’t want to see. There’s lots of icky things that we become very skilled at hiding, covering, or making it over so that we can fits into society’s narrative a little more easily - or perhaps a narrative we’ve created for ourselves.

When we identify as someone that is kind, compassionate, caring, loving, and generous - it can be hard to see that we can also be selfish, self-centred, egoic, and manipulative.

But there is so, so, SO much power in allowing yourself to be everything. You can be dualistic. You can be selfish, ego driven, and cruel at times - and still be kind, compassionate and caring in other moments. These qualities co-exist. And when we can accept that we embody all these things, is when we are able to truly step into our power.

When we accept that these qualities exist within us. We can understand that others can be dualistic too. Meaning there are no bad guys or good guys on this planet. We are all the morally grey characters that have more to offer than a one-dimensional frame.

This can connect and unite us. This helps us be in unity. This helps us to understand that we aren’t alone in our human experience. Not ever, for one moment.

That we can be inherently unique and individual, while also being tied into a collective experience.



You have SO much coming to you when you’re ready to receive it.

It could be that you feel like you’re waiting with your arms open, screaming “I’M READY!!” at the top of your lungs… but are your subconscious mind and conscious mind in alignment?

It could simply be a matter of timing. Maybe what you’re open and waiting for isn’t quite here yet (stay ready, it’s coming) - but I would do your due diligence to make sure you’re not standing in your own way.

Either way. Set your self up to receive. Openly and freely.

Get anything and everything out of your own way so that you can really let things in.

Practice with small things. Receive compliments, receive help, receive love, opportunities, coffee-dates…

All those little things you can say yes to, are all showing your subconscious mind that you can safely let things in

Consistency show yourself that you are safe and deserving to receive.



Your mind is a palace.

You’re a visionary. A dreamer. A genius. A poet.

You’re dynamic, diverse, multi-talented.

Do you know this?

It’s not lip-service. I’m not ass-kissing.

And you’ll be able to tell because there’s a little voice, wayyyy deep down that says: Yes. I am.

So when you walk into a room full of people, stand tall. Because you can fill the room - you can OWN the room, when you are your fullest self.

You still have so much ahead of you. No matter what age or stage of life you are in - there is so much more for you to accomplish. You haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing things that you will achieve, become, and see.

Understand that despite the fact that you have so much skill and experience, vision and ambition. You are still learning and developing in other ways. By allowing yourself the permission to explore and expand as life unfolds, you can really lean into your unbridled and infinite potential.

The only endings and failures that you will experience in this lifetime, are those that you label as such.

You are amazing. Full stop.

Give yourself permission to exist as, and believe that you are an absolutely incredible human being.


It’s a pleasure to read for you as a part of the collective. These readings are often so enlightening for me to experience, and I love being able to share them with you!

Thank you so much for your participation, your comments, and your PayPal tips. I am so grateful.

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