Music Streaming: A Dialogue.

I have an inquiry that I’d like to open up for discussion because it’s something I struggle to understand. I know that I am privy to an extreme bias on the subject matter, so I hope that my inquiry will stir a constructive dialogue around the topic that might bring...

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Baby Brain.

You’ve heard the term ‘baby brain’ or ‘pregnancy brain’ right? I had too but I also refused to believe that it was real. I thought it was some creative excuse for fatigue-related forgetfulness, or even just a development of apathy for things that seemed to matter...

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It’s tricky right?  The whole pandemic around this virus. I know, you don’t want to see this right now. You’ve been inundated with a plethora of social media posts, opinions, memes, and countless articles and videos. Why another? It’s incredibly difficult to sort...

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Well... according to some it would appear that way. Maybe it’s some sort of thing you’re just supposed to experience at some point during pregnancy… like a weird rite of passage. For someone to say something insensitive, undermining, or inconsiderate.  I actually...

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Dear Pregnant Me.

The following is a letter I wrote myself about 5 years ago. I came across it recently when I was sorting through the Notes app on my phone. I keep an absurd amount of notes at any given time - song and blog ideas, quotes, lists, reminders... a little bit of...

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In Gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you for saying no, so that I could learn I was facing the wrong direction. Thank you for hurting me. I’m now resilient, brave, and fierce. Thank you for your cruelty. The wounds that your words created helped me to understand the importance of...

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