Birth Is a Trip.

Holy shit you guys. Birth is a trip.  So many stories through the history of my life prepared me to fear my impending doom-date (aka my future spawn’s birthday).  Halfway through my pregnancy there was nothing I feared more than having to deliver this baby. I was so...

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Humans Are AWESOME.

Oh how I love humans. Humans are the greatest, most amazing, most gloriously curious creatures and I will adore them always. Even the stupid ones. Even the ones that I disagree with, or the ones that cut me off in traffic. I love them and always will love them and...

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Dear Future Me.

Dear future, mother-self. From my current, non-mother-self Here’s what I don’t know.  I don’t know what it feels like to push a human through my vagina. I don’t know what it feels like to have a hollow abdomen with disorganized internal organs. I don’t know what it...

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Okay. I’m Ready Now.

Perspective is an amazing thing. To be able to look back on something and have everything fall into place and make just a bit more sense. It’s a gift, really. I know we tend to be more hard on ourselves when we reflect in hindsight about how we could’ve perhaps acted...

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Music Streaming: A Dialogue.

I have an inquiry that I’d like to open up for discussion because it’s something I struggle to understand. I know that I am privy to an extreme bias on the subject matter, so I hope that my inquiry will stir a constructive dialogue around the topic that might bring...

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