It’s tricky right? 

The whole pandemic around this virus. I know, you don’t want to see this right now. You’ve been inundated with a plethora of social media posts, opinions, memes, and countless articles and videos. Why another?

It’s incredibly difficult to sort ourselves out amongst all the noise.

I hope that we use this as an opportunity. One that requires us to reflect on our daily practices, to work at bettering our efficacy in communication, to ask questions, and more meaningful questions… to take time away from screens, take a breath, and consider what is meaningful and important.

I find it fascinating that this has occurred at the point in my life that it has. If I weren’t inviting an immune-compromised newborn into my home in a month’s time I probably wouldn’t sweat too much about it at all. I was really lucky to be raised in a home where we were discouraged from buying into mass panic, and rather take things one day at a time observe as it unfolds and respond as necessary. Remember Y2K? People ran around being batty about that too, and our home just wasn’t about the hype.

I don’t want to be in fear about this virus. I want to be aware, educated, and I’ve definitely appreciated the reminder to commit to a better and more thorough hand washing routine. But I’m not sure that the fear is acting in service of any of us.

Fear is the reason that there are violent exchanges in grocery stores over packages of toilet paper. Fear is the reason for the spread of misinformation, and lack of critical thinking and common sense.

We’re inundated with information, conspiracy theories, facts, statistics, data and inconclusive, misrepresented, or illusive interpretations of that data. I hope that we’re taking the time to step back. Turn off the TV, the Facebook feed, the endless news articles… this amount of information is impossible to effectively grasp without a proper amount of mental rest and reflection.

Each one of us needs time to allow our brain an opportunity to digest the extensive amount of information we’re accumulating. Time to think critically, rationally, and find an appropriate opinion, reaction, and plan. I feel that so many of us are operating in this purely reactionary state which is leading us to make impulsive and occasionally irrational decisions.

I truly believe that we’re going to walk out of this relatively unscathed, especially due to the cautious procedures being taken by so many businesses and industries. Many of whom are taking incredible financial losses in effort to assure our health and wellness as a population. So when we come out of this, are you going to be proud of your behaviour and choices? Will you have been someone that helped, and made a positive impact? Or at the bare minimum, someone that did not cause injury, or create a lack of resources to someone beside you. We all want to prioritize the health of our family and household – but no one of our lives is less important than the rest. It’s entirely possible for us to look beyond ourselves, even in a periods of crisis. Honestly, especially in periods of crisis. 

I hope that those that have acquired a surplus of resources – including but not limited to toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products – are opening their cupboards and sharing with those that run out. There’s a real part of me that wants to believe that the people that have made it such a priority to accumulate surplus of resources are distributing these generously to people that are in greater risk circumstances: elderly, those with pre-existing respiratory illness, pregnant women, those with newborn babies, the immune compromised, and/or schools and nursing homes. 

Please consider the positive impact you could create at this time by investing in local businesses, restaurants, venues, and performers; this event is incredibly impactful on an economic level and I know how much these people would appreciate your support and patronage at this time.

We need to unite. Maybe not in-person for a little while (ha) … but this every-man-for-himself mentality is incredibly destructive, and counter-productive. Look out for someone next to you. If we all do that, we’ll all be taken care of. 

Stay safe peeps. And wash your hands. 

#SpreadKindness #NotCorona