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Feb 28, 2022 - Mar 28, 2022

Emerging Goddess

  • 29Days
  • 2Steps


There's a huge transformation that occurs when a woman shifts from Maiden to Mother. And we're not ignorant to it... we acknowledge the physical changes to our body, and environment. Our world is turned upside down as we acclimatize to a life with a new person constantly requiring our attention and energy. We are aware of the hormonal shifts, the mental challenges, the emotional transition... but what sometimes goes overlooked - and undervalued. Is the transition that occurs in the Spirit. That we are making this radical transformation at the deepest level of our soul - in addition to the hurricane of shifting that occurs around us. Are we empowered in this transition? Are we fully connected to the true strength of our innate wisdom and intuition? In what ways are we stepping into the power of The Mother with stride, confidence, certainty, courage, trust, and knowing? For many of us it's something we navigate blindly and grapple with until we finally come into ourselves some years down the road. When we look back and say things like: "I wish I wouldn't have listened to everyone else. I knew what was right for me (for us)." - the same reason we mother our 4th child far different from our first. But it's possible to step into The Mother with a greater sense of empowerment, and a greater sense of ease. Not absent of challenge - but we can take strides with far greater self-assurance. That's what this program is for. To truly step into the seat of The Mother.

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