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Writer - Intuitive - HearthWitch -Tarot Reader - Musician - Creator.


My exploration of spirituality has felt like an Alice-in-Wonderland type of experience. It seems to get curiouser and curiouser the further I fall down the rabbit hole.


I will happily share with you the story of how Wonderland found me despite all my efforts to avoid it - but for now I'll keep it brief. 


I’m Tanya. I'm a musician that's been reading tarot for over 8 years (while pursuing a myriad of additional career paths). I love tarot so dearly, and it's something I feel privileged to share. I identify as a hearth witch. I also dabble in astrology and the Akashic Records; I have my reiki master certification, and I occasionally talk to dead people. 

I do one-on-one readings, as well as workshops, and courses. I hope that I can somehow include you in the fun and magic!