How My Brain Broke.

My nephew was born last night at 6:16pm, and I got to meet him within the first few hours of his life.  I think that’s the newest baby I’ve ever been around. Even with my little brother I had to wait until the next day to meet him. (And I was 6 so I think much of the...

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Obituary: Tanya Ryan’s Career

Yeah okay so it’s a bit dramatic. I know. Bear with me.  When I am brave enough to express my authentic feelings about the shift I am facing in my career, inevitably I am faced with someone comforting me about all the possibilities that are still accessible to me as a...

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Women in Country Music

Watching this opener for the CMAs made me sad.  I know, weird response right?  Why would a bunch of amazing, talented artists make me sad?  Because I saw some of my favorite artists, sing some of my favorite songs (and SO many that weren’t up there!!) ... and I’m just...

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Da Mutha ‘Hood

The amount at which society underestimates the value of mothers is astounding to me. Though in the same breath - I completely understand it. Because I’ve done the exact same thing my entire life.  Naturally as I find myself navigating the process of pregnancy, I look...

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What’s Fulfilment Anyway?

What do you think creates a fulfilling life? Not a perfect life, not an ideal life… but what qualities do you think create true fulfillment?  I think about life a lot. More accurately, I essentially have a weekly existential crisis. (Dramatic? Who? What?)  I think...

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I’ve wanted boobs since I was 11 years old. My best friend at the time blossomed like a glorious rose, and I eagerly and patiently awaited my moment in the breast-filled sun. I knew they’d come - and I didn’t mind waiting. I mean, 11 is early. It’s okay if I’m like,...

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