Thank you. Thank you for saying no, so that I could learn I was facing the wrong direction. Thank you for hurting me. I’m now resilient, brave, and fierce. Thank you for your cruelty. The wounds that your words created helped me to understand the importance of compassion. Thank you for disapproving of me. I now look within myself to know what feels right and wrong. Thank you for judging me. You helped me to understand that my own opinion of myself is the most important for me to live authentically and with joy. Thank you for doubting me. It helped me to understand that my belief in myself is crucial. Thank you for denying me opportunity. I learned that my opportunities are in different places. Thank you for not paying me enough. I know now that my worth is not, and never was, negotiable. Thank you for your abuse. I didn’t know how strong I was until you. Thank you for underestimating me. It forced me to keep rising. Thank you. Thank you for helping me see the person I am. What I am truly capable of. What I didn’t know I could be. If I had only ever received support, love, grace, patience, compassion … I wouldn’t have known my true capacity. For a muscle to be strong and healthy, it must both release and contract. It’s a combination of opposing forces that create true strength. Thank you for being the other side. Thank you for being what I never wanted, but I’ve always needed. Thank you for playing a role in what has made me, the me I am right now.