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A few things about me...

My name is tanya. I am a singing, songwriting, bass player. I have a passion for all things music, yoga and chocolate - and not always in that order. I have always had a soft spot for that time of year when garden peas are in their prime... and I will eat them until my thumbs are green. I can play the tuba, I enjoy getting floss in my Christmas stocking and I like to stand on my head. The word panties makes me uncomfortable, I strongly dislike socks - as well as those little corn things they put in stir fry.

I have many superstitous quirks, including but not limited to: lucky undies, crossing my fingers and painting my left thumb nail gold. The sound of people laughing makes me happy and I almost always spell my name with a lower-case t. I have an incredible weakness for popcorn, phone tag makes me crazy and I have absolutely no ability to keep plants alive. There are times that I will karate chop toilet paper from the roll... just to add some excitement to my day. I believe in honesty, hard work and bring grateful for the things you have; and that a smile can go a long way.

Press Bio:

Tanya Ryan is a bright new face on the Canadian country music scene. Originally born in Saskatoon, SK she now resides in the Foothills of Alberta, in the town of Okotoks. Over the past few years both public audiences and the music industry alike are paying attention to Tanya. She has been showcased on CMT Canada's original series: Big in a Small Town and has earned several titles locally including the Calgary Stampede's 2012 Nashville North Star Contest and the 2012 Ponoka Stampede Talent Competition; as well as Country 105's Rising Star Competition in 2011.

More recently, Tanya has had the opportunity to open for fellow Canadians: Dallas Smith, High Valley, Aaron Lines, Aaron Pritchett, Tim Hicks and Duane Steele - as well as an American favorite: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The release of her latest single: "Cry for the Devil" came with a powerful music video directed by CCMA Award Nominee: Troy Niemans. 2014 is looking bright for Tanya, and promises to hold many more opportunities for her to showcase her talent and original music.

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