In a world where audiences are hungry for authentic narratives, look no further than Tanya Ryan. Charming and often disarming, Tanya’s music speaks to all of our desires: our love of a good love story with I Want You to our need for bold empowerment with Red Lipsticks and Cigars; our ideals for living in uncomplicated ways as re-counted in Simple as That to life anthems that we all need, like in her upcoming release Almost Famous.  

Tanya shares a rare intellectual journey both through her life and her music. She effortlessly paints a life canvas with her words, blending clever lyrics with captivating sound. Listening to her crisp vocals is like sipping a fine rosé wine on a summer porch, bathed in the light of a setting sun and dancing fireflies.

But if you dig gently beneath Tanya’s light-loving and understated pastel exterior, you find an uncommon, raw edginess. Hers is an emboldened soul – she is a warrior woman. Tanya has a fire in her belly, and a hunger for creating connection between people through shared challenges and honest human experience. This is demonstrated in her writing, her deep faith, and her unending passion for the arts. 

Tanya’s words – on paper, online, or with music – pulls at the heartstrings and gently nudges the funny bone. With Tanya Ryan, you find your muse; words and music that inspire with both wit and with the warmth of certainty. If you want to find that place where the light cuts through the dark, look no further than Tanya Ryan. She is a continuous story that is breathlessly waiting to emerge. And we can’t wait for more…

 New music coming 2020.