Tanya the Tarot Reader.

How did I get here?  No seriously.  How?  This is the furthest place I thought I’d be. I have, for my entire adult life - even as a teenager, been a pragmatic, inherently practical person that believes only in what can be rationally explained by scientific,...

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The Other Pregnancy Test

I was going to wait a week... Safe to say, that didn’t happen. Waiting any amount of time when you’re sucked in the vortex of the most epic anxiety tornado you’ve ever experienced is more or less impossible. I need to know if I should make that list NOW. I can’t lose...

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The Pregnancy Test

My period was supposed to be a few days ago. I don’t feel different, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to. I bought a pregnancy test at the pharmacy the other day because they were beside the pink eye medication. And I had pink eye. So I was like, sure. This will come...

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Dear Project Wild 2019

In a very short period of time you’re going to find out if all the energy, time, and pain-staking effort will have paid off for you monetarily. You’re going to come to learn who was selected to receive funding and validation for their projects - and who will be given...

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Sex & Skydiving

My husband and I just had unprotected sex for the first time.  My husband and I have decided that we’re going to throw the hand grenade into our marriage and create a life using a combination of our DNA. Naturally, this means, no more birth control. And honestly it...

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Greta Thunberg

The internet is always a gloriously entertaining place. I mean, it’s not just the vast variety of memes that appeal to so many various demographics. But also it’s basically the digital version of people-watching. You can grab your popcorn and hunker in for a nice long...

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