Depression. Click at Own Risk.

When you are a creator and your outlet, therapy, and primary coping mechanisms revolved around your relationship with the creative process… things can become incredibly challenging when your ability to create is gone. I lost my voice for nearly a year and a half. I...

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First Year of Marriage. SO HARD.

Just kidding. No it’s not. That was click bait. Did it work? I’m practicing. My next blog titles are:  How to Make a $100k with Just Your Toe Nail! The Everyday Guide to Never Aging EVER! Justin Bieber’s Selfless Act! The exclamation points really help to sell it,...

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Namaste Muthafugga.

When I first started practicing yoga, I learned something really important. Something that I go back to again and again - and again.  Keep your eyes on your own mat.  When you’re the brand newbie in a yoga class, you are the furthest thing from the graceful expression...

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I love to debate. I truly do. My favourite debate partner is my dad. Because it’s always safe. Meaning, I know that we’re both going to walk away from the conversation with more expanded perspectives and a healthy readjustment to our mental reflexes - and not with...

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Go L*ve Yourself.

Have you weighed in on the debate? The one that says you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself first. It’s a conversation that can get pretty heated on peoples’ different opinions on the matter.  I am totally ‘that guy’ because I will be the first to say I...

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The Body Mind-Virus

All of us - but especially women.  We need to stop.  We need to stop making those small underhanded self-deprecating remarks about our bodies. Even the ones where we’re joking - because ultimately, we’re not joking. Our poor little bodies hear our own criticism...

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