First Year of Marriage. SO HARD.

Just kidding. No it’s not. That was click bait. Did it work? I’m practicing. My next blog titles are:  How to Make a $100k with Just Your Toe Nail! The Everyday Guide to Never Aging EVER! Justin Bieber’s Selfless Act! The exclamation points really help to sell it,...

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Namaste Muthafugga.

When I first started practicing yoga, I learned something really important. Something that I go back to again and again - and again.  Keep your eyes on your own mat.  When you’re the brand newbie in a yoga class, you are the furthest thing from the graceful expression...

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I love to debate. I truly do. My favourite debate partner is my dad. Because it’s always safe. Meaning, I know that we’re both going to walk away from the conversation with more expanded perspectives and a healthy readjustment to our mental reflexes - and not with...

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Go L*ve Yourself.

Have you weighed in on the debate? The one that says you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself first. It’s a conversation that can get pretty heated on peoples’ different opinions on the matter.  I am totally ‘that guy’ because I will be the first to say I...

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The Body Mind-Virus

All of us - but especially women.  We need to stop.  We need to stop making those small underhanded self-deprecating remarks about our bodies. Even the ones where we’re joking - because ultimately, we’re not joking. Our poor little bodies hear our own criticism...

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10 Reasons Why Mellenials Don’t Suck.

Dear Baby Boomers,  I’m bored with all the memes, the videos, the extensive social media content that pokes fun at the entitlement and laziness of mellenials. It’s overdone people. Let’s move on. The joke is old.  I mean, outside of the fact that I’m impressed with...

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