What’s Fulfilment Anyway?

What do you think creates a fulfilling life? Not a perfect life, not an ideal life… but what qualities do you think create true fulfillment?  I think about life a lot. More accurately, I essentially have a weekly existential crisis. (Dramatic? Who? What?)  I think...

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I’ve wanted boobs since I was 11 years old. My best friend at the time blossomed like a glorious rose, and I eagerly and patiently awaited my moment in the breast-filled sun. I knew they’d come - and I didn’t mind waiting. I mean, 11 is early. It’s okay if I’m like,...

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It’s a Hard Knocked-Up Life.

Did you know that if you’ve never been pregnant before - that you will not feel pregnant for a long time? You will however feel nauseous, extremely tired, pee an abnormally frequent amount, cry all the time, and feel like you’ve become a pudgy slob regardless of your...

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Music & Money.

Hey. Let’s have a quick chat about money.  I know, no one likes to talk about it. It’s uncomfortable - even inappropriate. But I wouldn’t mind putting a little clarity on some things that have been bothering me.  When I entered the music business it was preached...

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Light It Up.

This holiday season I’m determined to ensure that everyone is up to speed on the current position of my freak flag.  I have been using the last few months to unearth and reveal as much about myself as possible, in effort to be more transparent, candid, and vulnerable....

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Cancel Upload.

How do you cancel upload on this thing?  I’ve changed my mind. I am not ready to join the tribe of parenthood. I think I would just like to status quo my life for the next handful of years please. Thank you.  Have you ever noticed that people with children have this...

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