Dear Baby Boomers, 

I’m bored with all the memes, the videos, the extensive social media content that pokes fun at the entitlement and laziness of mellenials. It’s overdone people. Let’s move on. The joke is old. 

I mean, outside of the fact that I’m impressed with you for figuring out how to create a meme in the first place. How about start using this new skillset to pick on the generation that decided eating Tide Pods was cool. 

Also, has anyone else picked up on the irony of Baby Boomers making fun of us for our participation ribbons and not being able to lose? Guys. Boomers. YOU DID THAT. 

We didn’t come up with the participation ribbon idea. You did. We were kids at the time. We didn’t have any say in the decision. You thought that was an awesome idea. And so as we are entering our twenties and thirties, please pardon us as we now attempt to navigate the world, and unlearn everything you taught us. Holy smokes man. No wonder I’m looking for my life participation ribbon. I can’t catch a break with you people. 

Here’s the thing, you just don’t have a comprehensive understanding of us. Your opinions on us are lacking a little perspective. We actually aren’t that messed up, we’re doing pretty okay actually; you just have to be looking with your eyes a little wider. But it’s cool man, I get it. You’re getting those bifocal things and sometimes it’s tough to see everything you need to, so I broke it down for you here. All you need to do is grab your readers and you’re good to go. 

10 Reasons Why Mellenials are AWESOME. 

1. Objective and Flexible. 

Think about an opinion you have; maybe one based in politics, religion – or loading the dishwasher. You probably won’t even consider believing me right now when I say you aren’t correct. I’ve seen you baby boomers, your opinions are your truth. We’re a little different than you. We don’t live like that because we know, that there are 3 sides to every story. And one opinion, is just an opinion. Including our own.

What you have mistaken for indecisive or flaky is actually an indication of a high EQ. We have the ability to be compassionate, emphatic and objective. Which means we have the ability to adapt to circumstances as they come at us; and adjust our opinions as new data enters our field. This means we’re smart.

2. Expressive.

We have a voice. And we use it. I think there’s this misunderstanding that because we complain about things or make our discomfort public, that we have no capacity to handle difficulty. Not the case. We can handle it just fine. AND we’re going to talk about it. Because we CAN. We grew up in a world where it’s completely safe to be heard. So we speak. 

3. Hard working. 

I keep seeing these memes about mellenials being lazy. What da fk is this? The vast majority of my peers are incredibly hardworking. Often times holding down a job (or two) while in school – or pursuing music or another entrepreneurial passion. You and The Reading Rainbow guy told us our whole lives that we can do anything we put our minds to. So we’re doing everything we can to fight for what we want from our lives. Where does this lazy thing come from? Did you work with that ONE 24 year old that was always on his phone and then decided to label an entire generation based on that experience? That’s not very fair, is it?  

4. Creative. 

Don’t get mad when we don’t listen to you. Mellenials look for new ways to do things. So even though it frustrates you when we don’t listen to your instruction; we’re finding our own way. 

We had the privilege of having such a safe world to grow up in, that our minds expand into so many wonderful spectrums. And so we get to try things in new and creative ways. Maybe we’ll even do it better than you did originally! And don’t worry, when that’s exactly what happens, we’ll pretend not to notice. We’re pretty mellow, so we can make room to buffer your ego. 

5. Harry Potter. 

We made sure that Harry Potter will live on forever. You’re welcome. 

6. Easy-Going. 

Another symptom of not being fixed in a position is that we can be pretty loose on our schedule too. So we run late sometimes. (All the time.) But hey, turns out running 5-10 minutes late isn’t a big deal (unless it is). So, calm your titties Frank. Everything is going to be fine.  

7. Entitled. 

Sure. You’ve been using this one against us for years, but it’s actually not a bad quality. Read the book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. He discusses the importance of entitlement when in pursuit of goals and actual achievement of successes. Entitlement is the same quality that allows one to speak up against things they feel unjust. It is the quality that makes one feel they deserve more from their life. It also cues up and stimulates the need for the placement of boundaries. A lot of people are uncomfortable drawing boundaries. So maybe the whole entitlement is an issue for Baby Boomers because you actually have to face conflict and draw a boundary. And I get it. That’s hard to do. But that’s not entirely a millennial issue – so let’s share this accountability here, whaddya say? 

8. We say literally, literally all the time. 

And at least half the time use it appropriately. 

9. BEST parents ever. 

Baby Boomers for the win right?  Baby Boomers are easily our most vocal critics, yet, can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that you are also our parents, our teachers, and our mentors. So if you think we’re kinda messed up maybe you could take a little bit of ownership here? We watched YOU. We learned from YOU. You were the ones who told us what we were capable of. What we deserve. And now you’re criticizing us for becoming exactly what you raised us to be? Come on. That’s just rude. Especially because we love you. We think you’re awesome. So can you lay off a little? We’re doing the best we can. 

10. Progressive 


We’re fighting for the LGBTQ, we’re pro-choice, we’re working our asses off for gender equality, we’re loud because Black Lives Matter, and racism is useless. We’re building environmental awareness and uncovering the impact of pollution and the over-use of plastic. We’re giving voice to women that have been harassed, raped, and abused. And we don’t feel that someone’s sexual orientation is the highlight of their story. 


There are countless qualities that make Mellenials awesome. Obviously I’m aware that we’re not that we’re entirely unflawed. I’m simply arguing that it’s so easy to find someone’s shortcomings, so maybe try to dig a little deeper for the qualities we possess that are unique of your generation and are actually quite awesome. (Plus, if you don’t stop being mean, we’ll stop helping your iPhone updates and your bluetooth devices.)

My mom always says that someone will become exactly what you expect them to become. So maybe if you changed your expectations of us, we might surprise you.

So can you lay off with the memes and the sh*t-posting? I think we turned out okay, despite your potential belief of the contrary. Millennials are kicking ass. 

Now give me my ribbon.